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Creator and site sub-institutional trading

Obibuaku Ifeanyi

I am a Swing Trader with these emojis:
🧠 Your psychology before trading was also inspired by the saying that ‘there are lots of opportunities in the market, if you can’t see it just wait for it. I am a citizen of Nigeria, specifically from Imo State.
💻 I am a teacher.
🎶 I am a musician.
💼 I am a professional forex analyst.
✍ I am a writer and a content creator.
🎓 I attended the Federal University of Technology Owerri, where I studied Mathematics.
📚 I have written a book titled “Your Psychology Before Trading”.
💡 I am the founder of Sub-Institutional Trading, known as SIT-series. This is a trading strategy that comprises 5 different trading techniques combined together.

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